6 Month Braces

Cosmetic Clear Braces –
Completed in 4-6 Months


What are cosmetic braces?

    Cosmetic braces, used to gently position the teeth, are a variation of traditional metal braces used on children.  Clear ceramic brackets are cemented to the fronts of the teeth.  Generally only the front ten teeth are bracketed. Cosmetic braces, unlike metal brackets, are invisible at normal speaking distance.  A nickel-titanium wire is banded into the brackets that will gently move and properly position the teeth.  From the photo below you can see that the braces are almost invisible.

If my teeth are crowded, how is room made to move them?

    For crowded cases, an ultrathin disk is used to slightly shave the sides of the teeth to provide space.  The disking process is pain free and results in no damage to the teeth because only .1 to .2mm of enamel is removed. 

How long does the treatment take?

    Almost all cases are completed within 4-6 months.  The amount time needed for treatment will vary depending on the amount of crowding that exists prior to treatment.  We will need to see you once every 2-3 weeks for a short 30 minute appointment.

Does the treatment cause any pain?

    For most patients, there is minimal pain.  During the first two weeks patients may use wax to cover the brackets while the lips become accustomed to the braces.  There may be mild discomfort when a new wire is placed but discomfort usually lasts only 48 hours.

Once the braces are off, how do we retain the position of my straight teeth?

    If no retention is provided, the teeth will quickly drift back to their crowded position.  For lower teeth, we strongly recommend bonding a thin wire to the backs of the front six teeth.  This wire does not show and can remain for years to stabilize the teeth.  For most upper teeth, a wire is not possible due to the bite so a clear tray, called a retainer, is provided to stabilize the teeth.  The retainer should to be worn nightly to prevent drifting of the teeth.

Below you will find before/after pictures of a few of our cases.



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